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These open-source resources are gathered and shared to give Members an idea of the geographical distribution and heterogeneity of power generation facilities and distribution infrastructure (both onshore and offshore); CO2 and heat emissions, and indicative regional solar, wind and tidal resources.

This broad distribution of emissions and renewable resources presents a key challenge in posing solutions to decarbonisation, and designing systems or modelling realistic economics for future projects.

We would welcome Members’ thoughts on the initial content provided, and suggestions for alternate or better interactive maps that help to understand the context to solving energy transition problems (please use the Forum).


Mapstand Platform


Interactive Maps for Oil Gas & Renewable Energy


Open InfraMap

Open InfraMap

Open Source Energy Infrastructure Map


Global Solar Atlas

World Bank Group

Provides quick and easy access to global solar resource and photovoltaic power potential


Global Wind Atlas

World Bank Group & Technical University of Denmark

Access and compare wind resource potential between areas in a region or across countries


Europe Offshore Wind Map

4C Offshore

Online global offshore wind map


Natural Climate Solutions World Atlas

Nature 4 Climate

Demonstrates opportunities for countries around the world to view how natural climate solutions (NCS) alongside emission reduction strategies, can help them reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions.