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What is Insyn? 

Insyn is an unbiased community-based ‘one-stop-shop’ for energy professionals and decision-makers. The emphasis is on making available a growing range of fit-for-purpose, accessible and interactive tools- and on growing a ‘community of practice’ of users and collaborators.

Insyn and its content is an antidote to lengthy and costly static reports and unwieldy spreadsheets – and is designed to run on any operating system and screen format.

This release is a demonstration prototype which includes a community forum; samples of curated data & policy; bespoke simple calculators and web applications; plus open source mapping and live data resources. 

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Connect with other Members, discuss the latest info/ tools and share thoughts and ideas


Quick access to aggregated energy data and policy, plus 'essential reading' list

Insyn Apps

Get access to apps & calculators developed by Olwg & Others to help explore energy problems


Aggregated list of open source geospatial tools for locating emission and infrastructure etc


Aggregated list of real-time renewable power generation, consumption & pricing trends


Report bugs & suggestions here. Meet other energy enthusiasts to discuss latest info & tools

Who is Insyn for? 

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in investment and energy companies seeking tools to screen the drivers of value in clean tech companies or projects.

Local Government

community Energy Schemes and Policy Makers who are looking for interactive tools and expertise to help explore the interaction between technical design, economic and carbon performance

Strategy Professionals

in energy companies seeking efficient ways to compare costs and carbon footprint of different classes of cleantech project.

Business Development 

and project developers seeking independent analysis to identify possible target cleantech project types for greenfield development or acquisition.

Energy Consultants

who use curated information, interactive tools and expert input to expedite the screening of economic and carbon performance of their technical designs.

Research Institutes

academics and students who are looking for interactive tools to support their wholistic learning and research efforts. 


Why should I join Insyn?

Insyn is a unique membership driven platform hosting a large variety of high quality agregated content.  The content will be dynamically developed and expanded based on feedback from members. 

Membership includes access to all areas of the platform including the community forum for interaction with other members, curated data and information, simple calculators and bespoke project lifecycle evaluation demo apps created by Olwg


How much is Insyn membership?

As Insyn is still in development, membership will be free for a limited period to encourage feedback on user experience. 

In return all we ask is for constructive feedback in addition to other features you would like to see included. 

We antipate that some of the platform content will remain free forever, but some of the specifucally developed tools will be covered by a flexible subscription plan or pay per use options.  Full commercial details including projected price structure to be confirmed soon. 

However in line with Owlg's ethos of helping future generations we plan to keep Insyn 'free forever' to students and academics. 

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Find out more

Further information about the Insyn platform can be found on the FAQs page. 

To talk about opportunities of partnering or investing in Insyn, sponsoring the development of specific content or advertising other commercial content, please email, or speak to us directly via the chat function on the platform. 


What are people saying about Olwg and Insyn

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"What a great platform.  I tested out the Unit Converter (essential for innumerate geologists), as well as several of the Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Hydrolysis calculators.  Super easy to use and a smart look and feel.  I also really appreciated having the links to the plethora of external resources through the live data and mapping data portals.  I also found the Essential Reading section very useful and informative.  Well done Olwg!"

David Pickering - Geologist