Insyn FAQs


Please find below a selection of expected questions and answers relating to the Insyn platform.

If or when genuine frequently asked question (FAQs) are received, they will be added.


How much does Insyn membership cost?

As Insyn is a demo prototype still in development, membership is kept to a minumum to encourage feedback on user experience.

In return for free testing of our tools, constructive feeback is requested on the Platform and information/ tools contained within, as well as suggestions for additional features that would be useful in future.

Details on prices can be found on the pricing plans page.

Who is Insyn for?

Insyn supports decision makers and analysts in a wide spectrum of roles across the energy sector on cleantech solutions, including investment companies, energy companies, project developers, innovators, research groups, government bodies and consultancies.

Example users who could benefit from Insyn include:

  • Analysts in investment companies and energy companies seeking tools and peer expertise to help screen the drivers of value in cleantech companies or projects
  • Local Government, Community Energy Schemes and Policy-Makers who are looking for interactive tools and expertise to help explore the interaction between technical designs, economic + carbon performance
  • Strategy Professionals in energy companies seeking efficient ways to compare costs and carbon footprint of different classes of cleantech project.
  • Business Development and Project Developers seeking independent analysis to identifying possible target cleantech project types for greenfield development or for acquisitions
  • Energy Consultants who seek curated information, interactive tools and expert input to expedite the screening of economic and+ carbon performance of their technical designs
  • Research Institutes, Academics & Students who are looking for interactive tools to support their wholistic learning & research efforts.

Why should I join as a Member?

The Insyn platform is a unique Membership-driven one-stop-shop for different kinds of high-quality aggregated content, to feed integrated and peer-reviewed solutions for the grand challenge of the coming decades. The content will be dynamically developed and expanded (as resources allow), based on feedback from Members.

Membership includes access to all areas of the platform including the community Forum, interaction with other Members, curated data / information, simple calculators and bespoke project lifecycle evaluation demo apps created by Olwg.

Platform Intro

What is Insyn?

Insyn is a cloud-hosted community-based Platform for sharing high-quality energy transition information and decision-making tools. The emphasis is on making a growing range of fit-for purpose tools accessible, and on growing a community of practice of Members & collaborators. Insyn and its content is designed to run on any operating system & screen format.

What does Insyn mean?

'Insyn' is the Swedish word for insight

What is the purpose of Insyn?

The purpose of the Platform is to support high quality and rapid energy transition project decision-making, and to facilitate a modern & interactive approach to exploring different pathways. We aim to achieve this through aggregating open-source information and providing unbiased technology / project evaluation tools to explore energy transition problems. It is an antidote to: Biased information promoting specific technologies or processes by vested interests. Good information, data & tools being either unaffordable or taking a long time to find Long expensive studies & 300-page static reports. Massive difficult-to-use spreadsheets

What are the future plans for Insyn?

For the rest of 2021, the aim is to further develop the Platform, content and user experience up to a TRL7 'Operational Prototype (alpha product)'. We can only do this with the support of users, collaborators and investors - so please spread the word!

Who runs Insyn?

Insyn has been developed and is managed by the Olwg Ltd managment team: Energy professionals that are fully independent from any technology or policy direction, and not affiliated with any parent company / organisation. In the future we may invite 'Thought Leaders' and/or set up User Groups to help steer the further development of the Platform and the tools / information within.

How mature / 'ready' is Insyn?

Insyn is a prototype product designed to test features and user feedback in a live setting, and to learn from members' interactions to guide on the direction of further development. In terms of 'technology readiness level' (TRL) according to the BEIS definitions, the lifecycle model tools and Insyn Platform - as August 2021- could be described as TRL6 'Demonstration Prototype'. This means that it has been developed to 'demonstrate a working representative prototype in a relevant environment to prove engineering feasibility, but that not all end-user features or interfaces are necessarily available at this stage'. This is why feedback from Members is really important to us.


How can I report bugs / suggest improvements?

We welcome & appreciate this feedback - please put them in the appropriate Forum channel and we'll pick them up there. Thanks!

How can we sponsor / advertise on / invest in Insyn?

to talk about these opportunities please email or contact us through the chat function

How can I get involved with contributing more good content?

We welcome & appreciate this feedback - please put them in the appropriate Forum channel and we'll pick them up there. Thanks! Also in the future we may invite 'Thought Leaders' to help us further develop and steer the content of the Platform and tools / information within, to ensure it remains relevant and unbiased in a complex evolving landscape. We would welcome expressions of interest from such collaborators.

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